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1. Enter the materials you must quote

In the first step, describe the product you need as best as possible; the better the description, the more assertive will be the quote. You can include attachments, such as photos and product details. You can even indicate some suppliers who are of interest to you, and add the date and delivery site. Your data will be confidential; no supplier will know about it.

2. We will quote everything for you

We will look for suppliers who sell the items requested in your quotation order. We have a huge volume of suppliers in our Marketplace, ready to meet your needs. We also have two optional services, with which our in-house team can streamline the process with suppliers and/or negotiate the offered prices.

3. We will then deliver you a comparative map, with responses from suppliers

We will post your needs at our supplier Marketplace. The answers will be sent to you within 4 business days; we will send also a price map, so you can make your purchase decision.